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Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is full of natural attractions, from the loggerhead turtles under the sea to the mountainous promontories that reach out into the sea and enclose the huge Laganas Bay.

Zante’s glorious climate makes a holiday here from spring through until autumn a perfect choice for sun-worshippers. There are also some beautifully scenic beaches to enjoy and discover, but the most famous today is the one simply referred to as The Shipwreck.

The wreck is the remains of a boat which came in to troubled waters while carrying an illegal cargo of cigarettes in 1983. A platform has been specially built to give a perfect view of it. Be sure have your head for heights with you if you decide to scale it though – it is quite wobbly!

Explore Accommodation to Suit All Budgets in Zakynthos

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from on Zakynthos. Whether you are looking to find a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday it’s a guarantee that you will like the price too.

Cape Schinari is on the northern part of the island and to the east of the cape are the Blue Caves in the region of White rock, a series of geological formations that have created a unique seascape. Apart from the natural arches that have been created by erosion. These caves are most famous for the colour of the water in its deepest hollows, a deep colour which is most striking in the morning when the light is at its brightest at sunrise.

So for an island holiday which opens up to you a rich seam of natural and man-made sights, choose a Zakynthos. It would be hard not to find the perfect package holiday for yourself here in Zante.