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Tenerife is the largest of the carny islands, this is the all year around destination thanks to its brilliant climate. The weather does not fall below 20 degrees due to the islands various location which is just of the coast of Morocco.

Tenerife is known for the nightlife on the famous Spanish Villages, we will make sure find the resort for you.

Playa de Las Americas

This part of Tenerife that has the wide selection of beaches, bars and restaurant’s. It’s very well-known for us bar strip called the Veronicas. This goes on for hours until dawn which will keep you entertained for hours on end. But just outside the Playa de Las Americas is the very modern family resort with loads of shops, bars and restaurant’s all within walking distance.

Costa Adeje

This is just 3kms from the Playa de Las Americas; this is a much quieter resort but still has loads to offer. Its known for its sandy beaches, with a wide range of water sports going on plus loads of restaurant’s on site.

Los Cristianos

This is the excellent family resort, it has grown from a fishing village to one of the most well-known holiday destinations in Tenerife. There is also a nice relaxing sheltered beach next to the harbour offering brilliant seafood restaurants

Puerto de la Cruz

This is located in the North of Tenerife, this side of Tenerife has more side of rain than the south of the island, but it does help the green side and all the tropical side of Tenerife which is beautiful and good for if you fancy a stroll through some gardens. This town was fantastically founded in the 17th century but it’s just as good as new, with its narrow cobble streets lined with the local cafes on site.

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