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Book with confidence with us today at The Fusion Travel Group to Norway for a brilliant ski holiday.

With thousands of snow-blocked villages, this is the best life for the Norwegians. With more than 20,000 miles of beautiful ski resorts with knee deep snow and feel like you’re a professional skier with the country’s culture and history. Why wouldn’t you want to visit Norway for a ski trip of a life time!

They have loads of resorts available such as Geilo, Voss, and Trysil and a massive 64 runs over the slopes for a single peak.

There is a fabulous resort which is for the family but also for the young skiers, this resort will give your children helmets, lift passes and anything else they need to have.

Winter breaks in Norway

The best part about Norway is that there no lift queues and nearly all the ski instructor’s speak English.

They have excellent winter sports available like the snowboarding facilities have become more popular but there are other winter sports available when you book with The Fusion Travel Group which will include skating, tobogganing and many more.

There is a huge choice of accommodation to choose from, from the basic cabins to the full luxury facilities in a wide range of resorts.

When you book a holiday with The Fusion Travel Group you will find the unforgettable ski holiday that you have been dreaming for, that is why Norway is a top destination for the skiers and we will guarantee to find the perfect ski holiday you have been looking for.