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Book online with extreme confidence with The Fusion Travel Group to find the best ski Italian holiday. With the fantastic culture, snow and history Italy has to offer? Then why not travel here for the best experience on the slopes that you and your family can have.


When people think of Italy, they don’t really think of skiing they think of pizzas or the shape of the country or even the volcano’s that they have. But what people don’t know is that it is also top skiing resort; thousands of people travel every year to come and ski on these magnificent Alps. This beautiful country has winter Alpine which has an offer of a 14 dramatic pecks of 4,000 meters that definitely brings in the tourists every year. Traveling to Italy is just a life time experience for everyone. It would be a top destination for the family skiing holiday.

The very first ski resort dates back to the 1930s called Sestriere and still today has all of its modern features. Sestriere is on an altitude of 2,035 meters and which is also part of a Milky Way ski area. This is also a resort which is brilliant for the families and a brilliant ski holiday which has a value of money.

Champoluc is a different type of ski holidays; it is one of the highest resorts in this country. This is quite new to the British skiers, but still offering its magnificent views and the beautiful Italian Aosta Valley but it’s a quite resort which is brilliant from the long queue on the other resorts, but its nightlife Is not quite at all with all the making bars and restaurants that they have, with reasonable prices too.

Skiing holidays to Italy are a bit different that travelling to somewhere like France for Switzerland, but why not give some other place a chance to show you the amazing views and brilliant food and even the slopes have to offer. Find all the best deals here at the fusion travel group today.