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New York

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New York

New York is the place to be, it is a movie set with so many things to do and see. Get sucked into the heart of New York with the breath talking central park, the skyscrapers, the taxis and even the locals. New York has many hotels and you can even jump on the subway and pretend you’re in a movie scene. Seeing the local hot dog vendors to the taxi drivers and even Times Square.

Empire State Building

Having the once and lifetime chance to go to new york and seeing the world famous Empire State Building, standing with the 102 stories high with the most well-known building in the world. This is also a very romantic city you can stand at the top with your loved one on Valentine’s Day or just even watch the sunset go down with your loved one and just take in how magnificent this country is.


This is the architectural part of New York with the architectural gem takes your breath away bore you even set foot inside. This is the home of Picasso’s, Monet, Van Gogh and loads of other famous artists.

Bloomingdales / Macy’s

Why not take a stroll and shop till you drop down the famous 5th Avenue, find the best deals Bloomingdales and Macy’s have to offer you with the little brown bag that you have, plus with the extra excess baggage allowance, why wouldn’t you want to take a trip down there?

Other attractions

Well you can visit where the hit TV show FRIENDS was made, even go to Ground Zero where JFK was shot. When tragically Princess Diana died and when the 9/11 happened. This is just a place where thousands of people come annually to pay their respects to those who lost their lives; this is a warm friendly country and with fantastic carriage rides in the famous central park. You can even go to the NYC Zoo which everyone knows from the hit film ‘MADAGASCAR’. Or even if you’re not traveling with children and if you’re a sports fan why not go to the Yankee stadium or watch a game of ice hockey? This is the place to be without a doubt.