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Marrakech is a city in the truly breath taking part of Morocco. It is a North West African destination that is sure to stir your senses… from the unforgettable sound of the morning prayer, to the evening sound of the busy Djemma el-Fna. When you explore Marrakech, you will get lost in the maze of its winding markets, be able to take in the amazing aromas, sights and experience the intriguing Berber culture.

Why not relax in luxurious hammams, riads, & spas, perhaps enjoy shisha and fruity tagines with some mint tea or take a trip out to the Atlas Mountains. If you want to venture farther afield, the Sahara desert is a place that will truly amaze you. Or perhaps stay central, in some of the most decadent and luxurious hotels in the world.. whatever type of holiday you choose, you will not fail to be awe inspired by the delights of Marrakech.

Djemaa el-Fna

Medina is the central point of Marrakech and it comes truly alive at night, the atmosphere is not to be missed. Why not negotiate your way around the souk, enjoy some friendly banter along the way, and attempt to haggle with stall owners for fabrics, carpets, pottery or spices. You will be truly inspired when you stand and watch the animated storytellers, snake charmers and the general market banter. The pace of life is both frantic yet relaxed at the same time.

You would be missing out if you didn’t leave your all-inclusive hotel to sample the food served at one of the market food stalls of an evening, it is inexpensive and pocket-friendly. You can also enjoy a chat with the locals who tend to love a good debate!

Atlas Mountains

Only a 2 hour drive away from the centre of Marrakech is the breathtakingly scenic High Atlas Mountains.

If you enjoy a trekking or walking holiday or perhaps just a little amble, this is the perfect location and a once in a lifetime chance to encounter the real Berber life. Why not discover traditional mud and stone villages where the locals live or drink mint tea heated on open campfires under the stars and savour the atmosphere of the Atlas Mountains.

Other attractions

There is so much to see, you may be happy just losing yourself in the joys of the city, but if you fancy a spot of sightseeing how about visiting the beautiful Koutoubia Tower (this is the largest mosque in Marrakech and boasts a 70 meter high minaret) visit the Bahia Palace or perhaps go to one of Morocco’s truly beautiful gardens for a breath of fresh air and a calming break from the bustle of the city.

For extra luxury book a day at a spa in one of Morocco’s Riads for exotic relaxation and enjoy camel treks and orange, sand swept cities.